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Everything about Zips Car Wash franchise? – A Complete Analysis

The car wash concept is quite popular in the states, and you may have come across several express car wash tunnels in your locality, providing truly great car wash experiences.

There’s a chance your eye might have fallen on Zips Car Wash franchise, and why not? they are present in over 280 locations across the country. If you are passionate about the car wash industry and want to learn more about your favorite car wash chain – Zips Car Wash, then we welcome you to read our comprehensive piece on it.

What’s the Zips Car Wash Franchise?

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Zips Car Wash is one of America’s leading and largest company-owned and operated car wash chain. The chain started their operations with just two locations in Arkansas in 2004, which has now grown to over 280 high-tech car wash tunnel.

According to the PR Newswire, Zips has experienced immense growth in the last five years. With a presence in more than 25 states, Zips Car Wash has recently earned recognition as one of the ‘Best in Customer Service‘ in car washing, as announced by Newsweek.

But, how did they managed to achieve this award? We’ll learn about this in upcoming section.

The company not only operates its chain under the brand name Zips Car Wash, but it also operates under two other brands: Rocket Express Car Wash and Jet Brite Car Wash.

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Key facts about Zips Car Wash

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameZips Car Wash
2IndustryCar Wash
4FoundersBrett Overman – Founder
Gene Dinkens, CEO
5HeadquartersPlano, Texas, US
6Number of locationsOver 280 locations
7Area servedAcross 25 states
8Franchise modelCompany-owned and operated
9ServicesA complete car wash experience
10Revenue or SalesNA

Is Zips Car Wash a franchise?

Is Zips Car Wash a franchise

Unfortunately, Zips Car Wash doesn’t sell its franchises; instead their complete locations are privately held and operated.

While the franchise restrains itself from the franchising model, but throughout its over two decades of operations, it has acquired several car wash tunnel businesses. The most recent acquisition was Jet Brite Car Wash, an eleven-store Chicago-based car wash chain.

Additionally, as per our analysis, the brand may continue to solely operate and expand their location in the country. But, if you own a car wash tunnel business and wanted to sell them, you can directly contact them concerned person at Zips Car Wash (details are available in the upcoming section).

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How much is a Zips Car Wash Franchise?

Zips Car Wash isn’t a franchise, neither they sell its franchises nor have any plans to do so in future.

Therefore, it will be quite naive to comment on Zips Car Wash franchise cost. However, if you are willing to open your own Car Wash business in your area, then you may need to pour in at least $1 million to $3 million.

The initial capital may vary depending on the real estate cost and the area you are planning to operate in.

What are the requirement to sell your Express Car Wash to Zips?

If you have planned to sell out your existing Express Car Wash to Zips, then you should be knowing about their expectation from your car wash. Here are some prerequisites;

  1. The existing business location should at least have 20,000 average traffic on the main roadway or intersection.
  2. The location should be quick and easy to ingress/egress.
  3. The locality should be surrounded with grocery stores and convenience centers.
  4. Obviously, it should also have high visibility with proper signed installed.
  5. The compound should be minimum of 1 acre and have limited competition within a three-mile radius.

If your existing car wash business meets above requirement, then you may consider filling out their form available at their official website. — For Acquisition. Or you can also contact David Miller, SVP, Business Development.

How does Zips car wash membership work?

Zips embodies a high tech and latest industry equipment at all of their locations, which allows them to provide an exceptional clean, dry and shiny vehicle experience every day to every visitor.

The franchise offers several impressive membership programs that can be availed by its loyal customer. With this, they also get access to new ZIPS app(available for all), through which they can earn points with every purchase made.

Interested candidates can join their membership program and can avail some truly car wash benefits and experience.

How to cancel Zips Car Wash subscription?

While no brand wants to lose their precious and loving customers, but in case, if you want to cancel the membership of Zips Car Wash, you need raise a support ticket on their portal.

In addition to your personal info, you need to have few things handy;

  1. RFID Number
  2. Zips Locations
  3. Email ID
  4. Phone number
  5. Reason for Cancelling.

Post submission of your form at the portal, you can expect their response within 72 hours, and most probably, you’ll have your membership program cancelled.

Does zips car wash take cash?

Absolutely, Zips car wash does accept cash and their app is always there to provide some reward to both Unlimited Car club members and cash-paying customers.

How to Contact Zips Car Wash Franchise?

Can you buy a Zips Car Wash Franchise

For any query, regarding your support ticket, membership program, wash and location experience, billing, and the franchise-related information, everything can be easily accessible from its official website.

You can drop in your request/concern at the form available at the contact us page.

Wrapping Up – How Zips Car Wash Achieved “Best in Customer Service” award?

Undoubtedly, Zips Car Wash is a leading player in the car wash industry, and with more than 20 years of experience and multiple business acquisitions, they have broaden their market presence in more than 25 states in the country.

Recently, they have been recognized as the “Best in Customer Experience” in the car washing sector, and the Director of Customer Care at Zips Car Wash is very pleased to inform the same and highlighted few major takeaways from their operations;

  1. Implementation of customer service ticketing systems
  2. Proper handling of their issues and providing best solutions
  3. Timely resolution
  4. Best-in-class digital marketing at the social media platform.

Well, everything is working and flowing in line for Zips Car Wash but the opportunity to get their franchises are still looking for, and you may need to wait for long. If possible, do connect with the official to understand about the potential opportunity.


Who owns Zip car wash?

Zips Car Wash is a fully company-owned and operated entity. It was founded in 2004 by Brett Overman. They are currently located with more than 280 locations across the United States.

Can you use Zips Car wash membership on more than one vehicle?

Certainly No. Each Zips membership is tied to a single vehicle and to track them, they places unique RFID sticker on your vehicle.

Is Zips Car Wash a publicly traded entity?

Unfortunately, Zips Car Wash isn’t a publicly traded unit. They are solely company-managed and governed entity.

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