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What should you know about Greggs Franchise? – Cost & Growth

Bakery is all of our favorite savory products and if you are interested in partnering with a reputed chain that primarily holds a top spot in the UK’s bakery industry, then you are probably leading to a right path.

Greggs are quite popular food franchise in the United Kingdom, which majorly offers a wide range of bakes, rolls, drinks, and more. With an exemplary total sales figure of £1,513m, Greggs is certainly on a verge of achieving their sales target by 2026.

There is a lot happening in Greggs franchise, and we have lot more to share with you. In this article, you’ll also learn about their growth drivers, future/available franchise opportunities, and some of the frequently asked questions on it.

Please note that the information on growth prospects have been picked from Greggs’ Annual report, and other media agencies. For more details, you should definitely check with the franchise officials.

What is the Greggs Franchise?

Overview of Greggs franchise

Greggs is one of the popular British bakery chain that primarily offers a wide range of food and bakery options through their more than 2,300 shops. John Gregg, the founder, started a bakery outlet in 1939, which were later led by his son, Ian.

Under his leadership, Greggs acquired multiple bakery shop/company, such as Bakers Oven and other, which were later rebranded into Greggs.

At present, Greggs has over 2,300 shops including 440 franchise locations spanned across the country. Their large distributor base and robust supply has been really vital in managing their quick delivery, Click+ collect, and serve customers wherever they are.

Greggs is predominately a food-on-the-go retailer chain, where you can surely enjoy some of their mouthwatering sausages, rolls, drinks, bakes, and more.

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key facts on Greggs

Sr No.TypePublic
1Trade NameGreggs
Traded as: GRG
2IndustryFood and Bakery
4Founders Or Parent CompanyJohn Gregg
5Corporate HeadquartersNewcastle upon Tyne
6Number of locations2,328 shops (as of December 2022)
7Area servedUnited Kingdom
8ModelFranchise and Self owned
9Menu offeringBreakfast, snacks, drinks, bakes, and more
10Revenue£1,513m (2022)

What’s the Greggs franchise future plans?

In 2021, the franchise has laid out its ambitious plan to double their total sales figures over the next five years. And they are certainly on the correct track.

In fact, according to its 2022’s Annual report, Greggs has hit the annual sales of £1,230 million in 2021, which later increased to £1,513 million in 2022. Now, that’s seems like a pretty outstanding annual growth rate of 23%.

Apart from doubling their sales growth, Greggs has also planned to open more outlets, aiming for a total of at least 3,000 outlets to cater to a larger customer base in every neighborhood in the country.

Can Greggs achieve its future target of doubling sales?

This could be rather early to guess their revenue target. However, if you consider their year-on-year sales growth rate of 23%, it seems like an easily attainable task for Greggs.

Moving with such a pace could only take approximately 3.5 years to double its sales growth.


Number of Years=72/23.01​≈3.12

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What’s the growth driver for Greggs franchise?

With its establishment of their first outlet in 1939, which later moved into the hands of founder’s son Ian. They have been really onto acquiring multiple bakery company.

In 1994, they acquired Bakers oven and later renamed to Greggs. Additionally, the chain has been quite peculiar in maintaining the best quality of fresh raw materials and best baking practices. This is certainly offered an upper hand to the company to retain its customer base.

More details are mentioned below:

More future expansion plan:

The franchise is planning to expand their shop base from 2,300 to over 3,000 in coming few years.

Strategically extending their trading hours:

To achieve their sales target, the company has also extended its working hours. This way, every consumer will have ample opportunity to enjoy their favorite bakery items at Greggs in the late evening.

Always more for their loyal customers:

The franchise has their own user-friendly Mobile app, which frequently rewards its customers for their purchases made through app.

Does Greggs have franchise?

Does Greggs have franchise

Absolutely, Greggs currently caters to a wider audience through their 2,328 shops, which includes more than 441 franchise locations (16 franchise partners).

However, as per the current information, the franchise opportunity with Greggs isn’t available for entrepreneurs looking to open a single outlet in the city. Instead, the chain is actively seeking corporate partners who can develop at least 10 shops within an agreed period of time.

The franchise has been targeting on-the-go locations and their long-standing partnerships with some of the most popular and largest franchise partners has been working really well for them.

In fact, in 2022, Greggs inaugurated over 186 shops, including 70 franchised outlets. With a focus on opening more shops in retail areas, it would be no wonder if we witness more Greggs shops opening in every neighborhood.

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How much is a Greggs franchise?

As the franchise opportunities is only limited to the corporate partners, and one should be ready to develop at least 10 stores in given period, we assume that there should be pretty high initial investment required for it.

It may also depends on the model you choose and the area you operate. Traditionally, opening a store front after acquiring the retail space will be more. However, if you are planning to take up the cart model, it should be under the budget.

The Greggs franchise cost isn’t officially disclosed, but if you are ready to take up as a corporate partner, then you should send out an email to their team.

You will be also be liable to pay a royalty fee to the Greggs, which can be calculated either on weekly or monthly basis.

How to Buy a Greggs franchise?

For the interested candidates who are willing to develop at least 10 locations, Greggs has laid out a simple procedure.

Before delving anywhere and ready to learn more about its franchise opportunities, you should email them with your keen interest in partnering with them. Please do note that, you should at least have some experience in operating a franchise.

Official Email Address: Greggs application query

Official website: Greggs

Wrapping Up

Greggs is certainly a great and leading bakery chain in the United Kingdom. With nearly 2,328 shops and more are planned for future opening will definitely help the unit to achieve its desired sales figure in coming few years.

Obviously, the chain is nearly 85 years old and have witnessed several ups-and-down in the British economy. After all, Greggs has shown immense sales growth rate of 23% for period 2021-22.

If you are willing to obtain a bakery franchise and ready to develop at least 10 or more counter, then you should probably express your interest for their franchise at their portal.

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  1. Can you buy a Greggs franchise?

    Absolutely, you can become a Greggs partner, but you should be aware that the opportunity is only available for corporate partner who are willing to develop at least 10 shop or more over the agreed period.

  2. Can you buy a single Greggs outlet?

    Unfortunately, you can’t become a franchise owner. The minimum requirement is to develop at least 10 or more locations.

  3. Where are Greggs factories?

    The factories are located in Millmarsh lane, Balliol business park in Newcastle Upon Tyne and a few more. You can check with company officials for more info.

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