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Can you buy a CosMc’s Franchise? – Cost, Growth & Expansion plans

The Food and Beverages sector is booming across the globe, and McDonald’s new announcement for its beverages-led concept presents a special treat for every McDonald’s food lover.

With already positioning themselves as a prominent and leading player in the QSR industry, McDonald’s sees an immense potential in the beverage-led model that made them launch CosMc’s franchise.

The franchise has laid out a tremendous expansion plan for its small-concept model throughout the country and a few branches in the international locations as well in upcoming years.

But what’s special about the CosMc’s, and what items will be served at the store? We have a lot more to share with you. We’ll be covering information on following topics:

  1. What’s the CosMc’s Model and items served at the store?
  2. Expansion plans for CosMc’s chain
  3. Does they offer franchises?
  4. Who are their main competitiors?
  5. How can you reach out to CosMc’s officials?

What is the CosMc’s Franchise?

Everything about CosMc's Franchise

The restaurant industry is fiercely competitive, and one who lags behind goes out of the competition. Several franchises develops multiple outlet model for different occasions.

These models sometime goes really big in terms of generating impressive revenue or can give tough competition to its peer competitors.

CosMc’s is one such small-format beverage concept of McDonald’s franchise, which will help the chain to delve more into the exciting opportunity in the beverages industry.

CosMc’s was established in July 2023, and within six months of their announcement, McDonald’s inaugurated first CosMc’s outlet in the Bolingbrook, Illinois.

They have already laid out its future plans for its outlet’s expansion and in coming months, you’ll witness at least 10 CosMc’s outlets in the country.

As Per Los Angeles report, McDonald’s Delivery had registered global sales of $1 billion in 2017, which grew more than $16 million in 2023. Isn’t this an impressive numbers

Los Angeles Times report

Why McDonald’s opened CosMc’s franchise?

The reason behind opening CosMc’s is unquestionably seems like the company wants to tap the rapidly growing drive-thru and specialty beverages sector which is valued at $100 billion.

To be precise, the opportunity in the drive-thru concept is immense, and McDonald’s wants to have a clear focus on the beverages sector with its newly developed CosMc’s concept.

McDonald’s is certainly a leader in the QSR segment and with plans to open nearly 10,000 outlets in coming years will irrefutably boost the growth prospects for both the units.

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What’s special about CosMc’s menu?

CosMc's Menu Options and more

CosMc’s main focus will be on the beverages part. At the storefront/drive thru model, one can enjoy a special range of lemonades, teas, blended beverages, coffees, and much more with full customizations.

The menus are designed to boost your mood and elevate your overall beverages experience to another level.

Along with deliciously prepared beverages, you can also smack some of its mouthwatering savory such as sandwich, Mcpops, cookies, twist cone, sundae, McFlurry, and much more.

What’s the CosMc’s franchise expansion plans?

The franchise is heading with a pilot project in the Bolingbrook, Illinois, which was launched in December 2023. They also have plan to open another location near the McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago.

Along with this, the company has announced to open at least 10 CosMc’s locations throughout the country. McDonald’s CEO, Chris Kempczinski, hasn’t particually revealed the exact location details for CosMc’s upcoming projects.

But as per the report, They may open these outlets in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio,Texas.

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Does CosMc’s offer franchises?

Unfortunately, unlike McDonald’s, we wouldn’t be seeing any franchised CosMc’s stores for at least few years.

The concept is in its staging face and with launch of single outlet in Bolingbrook (just in Dec 2023), and few more location planned for future release, it could be rather early to predict its franchise plans.

However, we speculate that post success of their pilot concept, the company may obtain the franchising route for their store’s expansion.

How much does the McDonald’s CosMc’s franchise cost?

The franchise hasn’t announced its franchise program yet. CosMc’s is backed by McDonald’s and they have just ventured into the specialty beverage sector.

The chain is currently heading towards opening at least 9 more locations in the country. These outlets will be inaugurated strategically over the period of few years.

Once they unveil the franchise cost, you’ll get all the necessary information here.

Who will be CosMc’s franchise competitors?

Considering the backing from the brand like McDonald’s and its operational area, CosMc’s will be competing with the brands such as Starbucks, Scooters, Biggby Coffee, and more.

The McDonald’s pilot project, CosMc’s, will focus on catering to varieties of hot and cold specialty drinks, along with wide array of breakfast and snacks options.

The parent brand, McDonald’s, expects to open another 10,000 restaurants worldwide in coming four years, taking the total restaurant count to 50,000.

The overall growth pattern for the McDonald’s has been really impressive. For growing first 10,000 McD restaurant, it took them 33 years; In contrast to this, it only took 18 years for the franchise to grow from 30,000 to 40,000 restaurants.

How do you connect for CosMc’s?

The simplest procedure for connecting with franchise officials is to directly navigate to the official website and register your interest for the franchise at the form available at the contact us page.

Wrapping Up

CosMc’s is a pilot project of Chicago based leading QSR chain, McDonald’s. They have recently inaugurated their first outlet in Illinois, and have plans to open another 9 location in coming few months.

As the concept in its initial stage, the plans for franchising seems really far as of now. The parent company has announced to open at least 10,000 restaurant worldwide, and post success of their pilot project, we may see CosMc’s outlets in the country.

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Will CosMc’s launch their outlets in UK?

Unfortunately, the franchise doesn’t have any plans to take this to international market. The chain will open at least 10 outlets till 2024, and if they garner great response, then probably we can witness these outlet in other part of the globe.

Is CosMc’s a franchise?

No, CosMc’s is indeed a spin-off segment from the McDonald’s, but they aren’t into franchising yet. You may need to wait for at least few years for this.

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