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Everything about PopStroke Franchise – Owner, Cost, and Expansion plans

If you have been scrolling to find out the legitimate details on America’s leading sports franchise, then you should definitely check out our detailed post on Popstroke Franchise.

The game of golf is quite popular in the United States, and it’s no wonder that there has been a huge demand for its franchise businesses. Over the last few decades, we have witnessed numerous eatertainment franchises emerging from the country and generating some truly fascinating revenue numbers.

So, without wasting much time, let’s delve into the details of Popstroke and its fascinating journey of expansion.

What’s the PopStroke Franchise?

Overview of PopStroke Franchise

Popstroke is one of America’s leading experiential golf and casual dining concept eatertainment zone. The chain is co-owned by Tiger Woods and Greg Bartoli, later they partnered with TaylorMade, and taken the game to the greater extent.

The center is open to guests of all ages, where kids from 3 to 5 years old and senior citizens aged 60 and above can come and play golf while enjoying some of their lip-smacking food at the entertainment center.

PopStroke is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, and they have been continuously expanding their presence across the country. At the center, apart from technology-enhanced golf club, one can also experience some of the expansive variety of crafted beer, mouthwatering cuisines, ice creams, and desserts.

Currently, they have more than 10 entertainment zones and have a bunch of new locations ready to open in a pipeline.

Usually, these parks are situated on high traffic area, consists of 18-hole mini/golf courses. Along with this, they also offer quick-service dining experience that includes, ice creams with 16 flavors, signature milkshakes, beers, and variety of outdoor games.

Key facts on PopStroke

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NamePopStroke
2IndustrySports entertainment
4Founders Or Parent CompanyTiger Woods and Greg Bartoli
5Corporate HeadquartersJupiter, Florida
6Number of locations10+ locations
7Area servedUnited States
8ModelFranchise and Self owned
9Service offeringgolf, food, beverages, snacks, beers,
and more

What’s the unique features of PopStroke franchise?

Golf is quite popular sports in the country and evaluating its true potential, Tiger woods and his professional team has been going all into the business. With the launch of its first entertainment park in 2018, Popstroke has now become a chain of more than 10 eatertainment zones.

The franchise is owned by Tiger Woods and his team, and with experience of his caliber, PopStroke has gained immense popularity in quick term. To provide better and unique experience to every visitor of any age, Popstroke has its own app, through which one can track their virtual or group’s score.

Beside all this, they also have a loyalty program, where for every $1 spend at the park, you’ll earn Popbucks! Once you reach 100 popbucks, you’ll get $10 credit on your PopStroke account.

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Is PopStroke a franchise?

While PopStroke is organically expanding their presence throughout the country but details on selling their franchises are certainly not available on the official website.

In recent times, PopStroke has partnered with TaylorMade, which will eventually give the positive push to the entertainment franchise and they may look to open another 5-10 parks in coming few years.

In case you are keen on becoming their franchise, we request you to visit the official website and submit the necessary information on the contact us page.

How much to spend on to play at PopStroke Franchise?

The prices to play at the PopStroke park has been kept reasonably low. At present, they have low prices from Monday to Thursday and charges little bit more from Friday to Sunday.

Monday to Thursday

CategoryCost and more
Seniors ( 60 years and above)$28
Kids (Ages 3-5 years)$21
For Others/Adults$35

Friday to Sunday

CategoryCost and more
Seniors ( 60 years and above)$32
Kids (Ages 3-5 years)$24
For Others/Adults$40

Along with these, each location may offer some exciting special discounts on their services.

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Do we need any reservations to visit any PopStroke locations?

Absolutely No. You don’t have to make any prior reservation to visit at the entertainment park. All you need to pay for the All-day fee and you are ready to delve into the thrilling atmosphere at the PopStroke.

Additionally, if you are planning to host a birthday party or any event in advance, you can book any of their private places and make best out of it.

Did TaylorMade made a deal with PopStroke?

TaylorMade signed a deal with Tigerwoods led, PopStroke. This deal has certainly pushed the entertainment group valuation to $650 million. According to the latest report, the franchise will open 13-15 more locations in different part of the country.

As per the latest information available at Golfweek USA Today, PopStroke is planning to open a new location in the Palm Beach Post, which should be ready by 2025.

For this PopStroke may pay more than $440K as annual rent.

How much does it cost to open a PopStroke Franchise?

PopStroke hasn’t disclosed anything about its franchise program on its official website, which could directly mean that they aren’t into franchising. However, considering its peer competitors like TopGolf, you may need to invest at least $10 million to $15 million to open a PopStroke Entertainment park.

Additionally, for a full-fledged golf course, you’ll also need to have a park space of at least 50 acre to 100 acre.

Beside all this, you may also be liable to share a few percentage of revenue with franchisor as a royalty fee.

What’s the revenue model for the PopStroke Franchise?

The franchise generates revenue from multiple streams, and they are mentioned down for your reference:

  1. Entry-fee charges
  2. Sales of Food and Beverages
  3. Private space bookings
  4. Merchandise sales

Typically, the average entry fee at the PopStroke entertainment parks vary between $21 and $35, and you may need to pay a little extra during the weekends.

The sales of food and beverages is another popular revenue generating platform for the PopStroke. At the park, they offer a wide range of food options ranging from pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, drinks, wines, ice creams, and much more.

Private space bookings are also available for one who is planning to host birthday parties or any other events are the park. You can get more details on their official website/mobile app.

Wrapping up

PopStroke is certainly one of the popular and emerging entertainment park in the country. Led by Tiger woods and his professional team, the chain has garnered immense attention from the customers of all ages.

The entry fees is budget-friendly, and they offer some of the really interesting outdoor sports and mouthwatering cuisines at the center. All of their parks are designed under the vision of Tiger woods and TGR design.

The plan for offering their franchises aren’t available on its official website, and to get more details, you may need to visit its official website and place a query to them.

Meantime, you can also explore some of the really interesting opportunity from the Sports and Entertainment franchises.


  1. Does PopStroke have franchises?

    The franchise is certainly on an expansion spree that went on to grow from a single center in 2018 to more than 10 in 2023. They also have few more locations in the pipeline, but the details about selling their franchises aren’t publicly disclosed. If you are interested, please visit the official website.

  2. What are the other sports available at PopStroke?

    While golf is the main focus at the PopStroke, but one can unquestionably enjoy variety of outdoor games, including Foosball, Cornhole, Playground, Pingpong, and more.

  3. What are PopStroke’s expansion plans?

    Having partnered with TaylorMade has eventually opened the arms for the brand’s expansion route. They have already finalized few locations in different part of country, which should be ready with in couple of years.

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