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How to Start a Blaze Pizza Franchise? – Alternatives, Cost, & Profit

Have you ever dreamt of diving into the sizzling world of the fast-food and beverage industry? Perhaps you’ve been figuring out a potentially profitable pizza house in the country but haven’t reached a destination yet.

According to Blaze Pizza’s report, nearly 40% of Americans crave pizza at least once a week, with 350 slices being consumed every second and over $45.59 billion worth of pizza consumed in 2021 alone. Given these statistics, one may not need a second thought when considering a partnership with a renowned pizza restaurant in the United States.

Despite the numerous pizza franchises available in the country, considering a Blaze Pizza franchise may prove your investment worth (if executed strategically).

In this comprehensive piece, we’ll elaborate more about the franchise opportunities with Blaze Pizza, along with its estimated cost, potential profit margin, and step-by-step guidelines to setup one of their stores in your city.

Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunities
  • Brand: Blaze Pizza
  • Founded: 2011
  • Key PeopleRick and Elise Wetzel
  • Industry: Food & Beverages
  • No. of outlet: 340+
  • Area served: Worldwide
  • Franchise Fee: $30,000
  • Royalty Fee: 5%
  • Ad Royalty Fee: 2%
  • Initial Investment: $565K – $1.1M

Overview of Blaze Pizza Franchise

Overview of Blaze Pizza Franchise

Established in 2011 by Rick and Elise Wetzel in California, Blaze Pizza is one of the most popular fast-casual pizza restaurant chains, predominantly known for serving its mouthwatering range of made-to-order pizzas and other varieties of beverages.

Blaze Pizza is headquartered in Los Angeles. The chain launched its first store in 2012 in Irvine, California, and since then, it has grown into a prominent fast-casual pizza restaurant with over 340 locations across 38 states and six countries.

With its strong commitment and determination to deliver an exceptional dining experience, serving handpicked fresh and artificial color-free ingredients, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners, Blaze Pizza has certainly cemented its position in the industry and is planning to spread its arms to other international locations as well.

Are these the only reasons for their immense growth?

Well, yes, indeed. In addition to these factors, they have also earned top spots in multiple franchise media houses and on their annual lists. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list
  2. Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers list
  3. Franchise Times’ Fast and Serious list

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The Journey of Blaze Pizza

The founder duo, Rick and Elise Wetzel, embarked on their exciting journey to serve made-to-order pizza with a range of sauces and toppings in 2011.

After launching its first store in Irvine, Blaze Pizza went on to open another flagship outlet in the next two months, in October 2012.

With nearly 50 fast-casual pizza restaurants operational by 2014, the chain plans to take this count to 500 by 2020. However, the global pandemic had slowed its growth rate.

Meanwhile, they also expanded their presence in Canada in 2015 and the Middle East in 2018.

At present, the chain operates nearly 340 outlets across 38 states.

Key facts about Blaze Pizza

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameBlaze Pizza
2IndustryFast-Casual, Food and Beverages
4Founders Or Parent CompanyJean Nidetch
5Corporate HeadquartersRick and Elise Wetzel
6Number of locationsOver 340+
7Area servedWorldwide
9Menu offeringMade-to-order Pizza, Salad,
Desserts, and more
10Annual Sales$1.23 Million per year in Fiscal 2022

How much does a Blaze Pizza franchise cost?

Blaze Pizza Franchise Cost

The initial investment cost for food-casual restaurants is primarily dependent on the outlet’s geographical location, available carpet area, and the amount of renovation required to furnish the premises.

To become an approved Blaze Pizza Franchise owner, one may need to have an initial investment of $565K–$1.1M for a restaurant space of approximately 2000 square feet to 3000 square feet.

The initial capital includes costs like franchise fees, equipment costs, leasehold improvements, furniture, decor, and others.

How much is the Blaze Pizza franchise fee?

The franchise fee for Blaze Pizza is $30,000. Furthermore, interested candidates should also meet the financial requirement of at least $300,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of $500,000.

Additional Cost for Blaze Pizza

Typically, to run and maintain a Blaze Pizza Fast Casual restaurant, one must adhere to their standards and be liable to pay a few additional costs, such as a royalty fee, an advertisement fee, a maintenance fee, and a few other investments.

The on-going royalty fee for the Blaze Pizza franchise is 5%, and the marketing fee is 2%, which will be calculated based on the monthly gross sales.

Type of FeeCost and Other details
Franchise Fee$30,000
Required floor space2000–3000 sq. ft.
Royalty Fee5%
Ad Royalty Fee2%
Agreement Period10 Years, Renewable
Required liquid capital$300,000
Net Worth$500,000
Total Initial Investment$565K – $1.1M

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How much is the Blaze Pizza Franchise Profit Margin?

Blaze Pizza Franchise Profit Margin

Certainly, Blaze Pizza is one of the pioneer brands in the fast-casual industry. With an extensive experience of managing and expanding more than 340 outlets worldwide in a span of 10 years, it showcases its market potential and demand for their made-to-order pizzas and other beverages.

Additionally, the chain charges a royalty fee of 5%, which is less as compared to the industry’s royalty fee, which is at 5.3%. This can eventually allow the franchise partner to garner a few extra percentages of profit margin.

According to its latest Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) of 2022, a Blaze Pizza fast-casual restaurant generated annual revenue of $1.23 million, up from $1.15 million in 2021, showcasing a nearly 12% increase in revenue.

During the same period, the chain inaugurated approximately 26 restaurants worldwide. Therefore, it is evident from their revenue and store count growth that the chain could potentially achieve average annual revenue sales of over $2 million and increase its store count to 500 in the upcoming years.

Furthermore, despite its growth in sales and royalties, the net margins are still in the red. In fact, post-pandemic, the chain posted a loss of $2,845,346 in 2020, which was reduced to $1,565,146 in 2021.

For 2022, you may need to check the latest FDD, but given the historical pattern, it does seem likely to remain in the red as well.

To conclude on its profitability, on average pre-pandemic, A Blaze Pizza Franchise garnered a net profit margin of 8–10%.

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Why consider owning a Blaze Pizza Franchise?

  1. Renowned brands in the industry:
    • With a decade of experience in operating over 340 outlets across the globe and a delectable range of cuisine, Blaze Pizza has certainly cemented its position as a prominent player in the industry.
  2. Growing market size:
    • Currently, the overall U.S. pizza industry is valued at $55 billion, and it will continue to grow further in the upcoming year.
      • This immense growth prospect will garner the attention of several pizza restaurant enthusiasts who want to partner with one of the most popular fast-casual restaurants.
  3. Exceptional dining experience:
    • Each Blaze Pizza restaurant is designed by acclaimed architects, and the option to curate a customer’s own signature pizza adds to the ultimate dining experience for its guests.
  4. Training and support:
    • Interested franchise prospects may also benefit from Blaze Pizza’s proven business model and successful track record of operating its outlet, and its extensive training program may provide enough insight on the company’s operation and day-to-day tasks.
  5. Marketing and advertising support:
    • As a franchisee, you’ll leverage Blaze Pizza’s marketing campaigns, such as social media promotion and digital advertising, to create brand awareness in your neighborhood.
  6. User-friendly mobile app:
    • In addition to its well-decorated restaurant, Blaze Pizza also has a user-friendly mobile app, providing extra facilities to its consumers for online ordering, rewards, and mobile pay.

What does it require to start a Blaze Pizza franchise?

  1. First and most important, one should be financially well-qualified and have good credit to start a Blaze Pizza fast-casual restaurant, and they should be ready to invest a minimum of $565K – $1.1M.
  2. The interested candidates should have prior restaurant or QSR franchise experience and ready to open multiple outlets in their area.
  3. Candidates are advised to dedicate themselves to the Blaze Pizza business, follow the company standards, and maintain their legacy.
  4. Interested applicants must undergo and complete the 100-hour necessary training program offered by the Blaze Pizza’ team.
  5. Interested franchisees should have a passion to work in the Food and Beverages industry and possess the leadership and financial skills to operate a Blaze Pizza restaurant chain.

What are the alternatives to the Blaze Pizza Franchise?

With an initial investment price of $565k and a required restaurant space of 2000 square feet, one couldn’t ask for a better deal to partner with one of America’s leading fast-casual pizza restaurants.

Nevertheless, before concluding your plan with Blaze Pizza, you may also consider checking on these options:

MOD Pizza Franchise

MOD Pizza was established by Scott and Ally Svenson in Seattle in 2008. After nearly 5 years of their extensive operation, MOD Pizza launched their first franchise outlet in 2013.

MOD, which stands for “MADE ON DEMAND,” can also be considered a competitor to Blaze Pizza. At present, the chain boasts an extensive presence with more than 500 restaurants across the United States and Canada.

Furthermore, to become one of their approved partners, you may need to pour in a little more investment as compared to Blaze Pizza. The initial investment for a MOD Pizza franchise is $714,000 to $1,092,000, which includes a franchise fee of $30,000.

Please check out the detailed article (link provided).

Read more: Mod Pizza Franchise Opportunity : Eligibility, Cost, & Profit

Little Caesars Franchise

If you are looking for a pizza franchise and Little Caesars is missing from your franchise research list, you might be taking an incorrect route.

One of the third-largest pizza chains, Little Caesars, was established nearly six decades ago, in 1959, by Mike and Marian Ilitch.

The chain is only behind Pizza Hut and Domino’s, and with an initial investment capital of $379,000 to $1,695,500, which includes a franchise fee of $20,000, making Little Caesars a perfect pizza franchise option in the country.

It’s also important to mention that the royalty fee of 6% and the ad market fee of 7% for Little Caesars are on the higher side. You can check out our detailed coverage of Little Caesars (link provided).

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Tabular Comparison of Franchise of Blaze Pizza, MOD Pizza and Little Caesars

Type of FeeBlaze PizzaMod PizzaLittle Caesars
Franchise Fee$30,000$30,000$20000
Required floor space2000–3000 sq. ft.2000–2500 sq. ft.2000–2500 sq. ft.
Royalty Fee5%5%6%
Ad Royalty Fee2%3%7%
Required liquid capital$300,000$1 Million $150,000
Net Worth$500,000$2 Million $350,000
Total Initial Investment$565K – $1.1M$714,000 – $1,092,000$379,000 – $1,695,500

How to Get Blaze Pizza Franchise?

If you meet the necessary requirements to become an approved Blaze Pizza outlet owner, then you are probably a click away.

The overall application process is quite similar as compared to other franchise businesses available in the United States.

In addition to this, the franchise also helps its interested candidates secure a location in a high-traffic area.

One can avail of the franchise by following the given steps:

  1. Visit the official franchise website of Blaze Pizza and navigate to Get Started page.
    • You need to fill in the details like name, email id, phone number, city, state, zip, and liquid cash availability.

Final Takeaway: Conclusion

For pizza franchise aspirants, owning a Blaze Pizza fast-casual restaurant may prove to be an enticing opportunity.

Despite its competition from players like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesars, Blaze Pizza has emerged as a prominent player in the fast-casual industry and has garnered an immense customer base for its made-to-order pizza and other beverage options.

The chain was established in 2011 and has grown into a network of 340 outlets across the United States. To join hands with Blaze Pizza, one needs to have an initial investment of $565K–$1.1M and be ready to open multiple locations.

Additionally, the chain had posted a profitable number in 2019; however, post-COVID, its net margin has taken a toll. For the last few years, the net margin has remained in the red.

Before taking its franchise, you should consider discussing it with 4-5 existing outlet owners.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!

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  1. How much does it cost to start a Blaze Pizza franchise?

    The initial investment required to partner with a Blaze Pizza fast-casual restaurant ranges from $565K to $1.1M, which includes the franchise fee of $30,000.

  2. Is Blaze Pizza Franchise profitable?

    Blaze Pizza has been in market for more than 10 years and has certainly expanded its presence from single location in California to more than 340 outlets.
    The chain’s end margin was in the green pre-COVID period; however, post-COVID, Blaze Pizza hasn’t recovered from it yet, and as of 2022, the net margin was still in the red.

  3. What company owns Blaze Pizza?

    The Blaze Pizza is a privately-owned company, which is owned by Blaze Pizza, LLC and the current CEO is Beto Guajardo who was appointed in January 2023.

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