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How to Get Avocadoria Franchise? – Cost, Fee, & Profit

Have you been scrolling through multiple business websites to find a lucrative opportunity in the dessert industry? Are you a passionate entrepreneurs who would like to take their love for desserts to another level?

Perhaps, you might be interested in partnering with a popular cheesecake chain, but couldn’t find any opportunity available in the market?

Well, to elevate your excitement to the next level, we encourage you to join us on an exciting journey with one of the Philippines’ popular dessert chains – Avacadoria.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll cover an in-depth analysis on Avocadoria Franchise, along with its cost, fee, profit margin, and step-by-step guidelines to own this franchise in your city – and a few of the frequently asked questions about the chain.

To facilitate your research, we will also offer a few alternatives to Avocadoria, in case you consider this opportunity as a potential option to embark on.

Avocadoria Franchise Opportunity
  • Brand: Avocadoria
  • Founded: 2019
  • FounderChef Czarina Jagto
  • Industry: Dessert
  • No. of outlet: 150+
  • Area served: Philippines
  • Franchise Fee: ~300,000
  • Royalty Fee: 5-7%
  • Model: Franchise
  • Initial Investment: PHP 700,000 and 1 million

Overview of Avocadoria Franchise

Overview of Avocadoria Franchise

Avocadoria is one of first-ever avocado dessert chain in the Philippines that presents an exemplary range of healthiest, most innovative, and delectable avocado treats and refreshments to customers from all walks of life.

The chain was established in February 2019 in Pasig City by Chef Czarina Jagto, who held a keen interest in avocados. She aimed to offer consumers not only guilt-free desserts but also a healthy indulgence through their signature tin can cakes, shakes, ice creams, and more, all at everyday prices.

From driving its regular operations from a single and tiny store in Pasig City, Avocadoria has certainly grown into a chain of over 150 stores nationwide.

Avocadoria outlets are renowned for delivering the finest avocado dessert experience that isn’t only popular among youths and kids, but also appeals to consumers of all categories, thanks to its delicious and lip-smacking product offerings and affordable prices.

Despite its substantial presence with hundreds of Avocadoria outlets across its home country, the Philippines, the chain has not confined itself to that region but may also plan to expand its presence to other countries as well in near future.

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The Journey of Avocadoria

Their humble beginning started in 2019 from a tiny store that primarily serves a variety of tin can cakes, shakes, ice creams, and more, all made up of Avocados and at affordable prices.

At present, the chain operates over 150 outlets throughout the Philippines and seeking franchise applications from the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Key facts on Avocadoria

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameAvocadoria.ph
4Founders Or Parent CompanyChef Czarina Jagto
5Corporate HeadquartersPasig City, PH
6Number of locations150 +
7Area servedPhilippines
9Menu offeringCakes, Shakes, Ice cream, and more

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Why consider owning a Avocadoria Franchise?

owning an Avocadoria Franchise
  1. First-ever avocados based dessert chain:
    • Having started in 2019 and serving a delicious range of desserts, all made up of avocados has allowed the chain to position itself as a leader in the segment.
      • As a franchise partner, you’ll gain access to premium locations, a robust supply chain system, and more.
  2. Guilt-free desserts and food options:
    • Post Pandemic, Many customers have opted for a healthier alternatives; instead of a regular food options, and being a franchise owner, it will certainly offer an upper hand to its outlet owner.
      • With its guilt-free desserts and refreshments, the chain has garnered a growing loyal customer base.
  3. Steady supply chain:
    • Starting a fresh business can be a tedious task, but not any more with Avocadoria.
      • As a franchisee, you’ll leverage brand’s strong partnership with the largest avocado suppliers and service providers in the country, leading to a timely supply of all the raw materials.
  4. Growing market presence:
    • The chain which started from a tiny space in Pisag City has certainly grown into a chain of 150 outlets across the country, showcasing a year-on-year growth in its franchise base.

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How much does Avocadoria Franchise Cost?

Avocadoria Franchise Cost

The Avocadoria chain offers a multiple franchise model to its aspiring candidates, and an entrepreneurs like you can easily apply for it based on your investment budget.

Like other food franchises, the initial investment for Avocadoria outlet will certainly vary depending on the factors, such as outlet’s geographical location, chosen model, available floor area, and more.

However, the chain hasn’t mentioned any investment details on its official website but considering its business model and store format, we’ll be guiding you with estimate figures.

The initial investment for Avocadoria franchise may range between PHP 700,000 and 1 million for a floor area of at least 300 sq feet. That being said, the initial investment covers the costs like franchise fee, equipment costs, initial stocks, and more.

How much is the Avocadoria Franchise Fee?

The franchise fee for Avocadoria could be at least php 300,000. Furthermore, Interested candidates should also meet the minimum financial requirement of at least php 500,000 in liquid assets.

Additional Cost for Avocadoria

Operating a Avocadoria location involves adhering to the franchise’s standards and incurring additional costs such as royalty fees, advertisement fees, maintenance fees, and other necessary investments.

At present, the franchisee prospects may be liable to pay a royalty fee of 5-7% and ad royalty fee of 1%, which will be calculated on monthly gross sales. These fees contribute to the ongoing support and promotion of the Avocadoria chain.

Type of FeeCost and its details
Franchise Fee~ php 300,000
Royalty Fee5-7%
Ad Royalty Fee1%
Capital Required~php 500,000
Total Initial InvestmentPHP 700,000 and 1 million

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How much is the Avocadoria Franchise Profit margin?

The profit margin for every Avocadoria outlet will vary depending on the market condition, average customer traffic at the outlet, varieties of menu offering, raw material costs, and overall local economy conditions.

However, taking into account the overall food consumption demand in the country, the shift in customer preferences towards healthier alternatives, the brand’s distinction as the country’s first-ever avocado-based dessert chain, and the expanding franchise base, one can reasonably anticipate a net profit margin ranging from 11% to 20%.

In addition to this, the chain has partnered with country’s renowned supplier of Avocados, which will ultimately help the chain to penetrate into the other market and form a robust and unshakable franchise chain.

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What the requirements for the Avocadoria Franchise?

  1. First and foremost, one should be financially well-qualified and have good credit to start a Avocadoria location. Additionally, they should be prepared to invest a minimum of PHP 700,000.
  2. You need to find a high-traffic locations with a plenty of parking space.
  3. One must possess excellent communication skills, be customer service-oriented, and value honesty and business ethics to become an approved Avocadoria outlet owner.
  4. Interested franchisees should have passion to work in the Desserts industry and should possess the leadership and financial skills to operate an Avocadoria location.
  5. One should/or their partner should meet the minimum financial requirement of at least PHP 500,000 in liquid assets to embark on their journey with Avocadoria.

What are the alternatives to Avocadoria Franchise?

It can indeed be challenging to find alternative options for Avocadoria, considering the chain’s renown as a popular dessert destination in the Philippines, distinguished as the first-ever avocado-based dessert chain.

But no worries, there is indeed a plenty of other options available in the dessert industry, which definitely need consideration.

Milky Cakes and Sweets

Another popular dessert chain which has its bases in Davao City. The franchise is quite popular for delicious, visually appealing and professionally baked specialty cakes.

The entire range of sweets and cookies are handmade from scratch that offers over 20+ premium yet affordable specialty cakes for customers of all choices.

The total investment for Milky Cakes and Sweets could range between Php 1.8M and 2.6M. You can certainly check this out, if you are looking for a desserts franchise.

The Lost Bread

Yes, we are talking about one of Philippine’s most hyped and sought after restaurants. The chain has recently announced the commencement of its franchising programs.

From offering a unique dining experience to an exceptional offering of its soft-served ice cream, milkshakes and french toasts, The Lost Bread has grown into the most popular food chain.

Prepare to collaborate with Lost Bread, requiring an initial investment ranging from Php 499K to Php 799K, which encompasses a franchise fee of Php 50K to Php 80K.

How To Get Avocadoria Franchise?

To become an approved Avocadoria outlet owner, one has to certainly meet the required investment ask and should have passion to work in the dessert industry

Nevertheless, the Avocadoria chain may offer several benefits, and interested candidates can take up franchise outlets locally and expand through their expertise and endless support systems further.

One can avail this franchise with the following steps;

  1. Visit the Avocadoria.ph official website and navigate to the franchising window;
    • You need to submit the letter of Intent and franchise application form, filled with personal details, such as Name, Email ID, phone number, city, and other necessary information.

The completely filled form can be either deliver in person, or or send them via email to: Address: 53 East Drive, Fortune, Marikina, Philippines

Contact number: +63 945 971 6599

Email address: franchise@avocadoria.com.ph

Final Takeaway – Conclusion

Avocadoria is one of the popular and first-ever avocados based desserts chain in the Philippines. The chain was founded in 2019 in Pasig city by an aspiring and dessert enthusiasts, Chef Czarina Jagto.

The chain don’t have any sort of official link or partnership with America’s restaurant chain, Avocaderia.

The bottom line: If you’re in search of an alluring franchise opportunity focused on desserts, then you should definitely take a look at this. The chain presently boasts a strong presence in more than 150 locations and is ready to grow further in the coming few years.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!

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  1. How much does it cost to start a Avocadoria Franchise?

    Ans: To become an approved Avocadoria outlet owner, one would at least require an initial investment of PHP 700,000 and 1 million and a floor space of at least 500 sq feet.

  2. Is Avocadoria Franchise Profitable?

    Ans: The chain hasn’t disclosed the profit margin of its outlets. However, considering the growing demand, nationwide presence, and robust supply chain for its raw material, a franchise prospects can expect a net profit margin of 10-18% (can vary).

  3. How many locations does Avocadoria have?

    Ans: As of August 2023, Avocadoria boasts a robust presence of over 150+ outlet nationwide.

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