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How to Start a Nothing Bundt Cakes Franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit

Do you love Cakes and looking to make an opportunity out of it? How about starting your outlets by taking a franchise from a renowned brand – Nothing Bundt Cakes Franchise?

In this guide, we’ll dive deep in to Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise with capital requirements, fee, profit, and step-by-step guidelines to get this franchise – and answer some common questions about the chain.

Nothing bundt cakes franchise outlet
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $35,000
  • Bakery Improvements: $175,000
  • Fixtures and Equipment: ~$125,000
  • Initial Inventory: ~$23,800
  • Royalty Fee: 6%
  • Marketing Fee: 5%
  • Training Expenses: $6000
  • Total Initial Investment: $483,600 to $699,700

Overview of Nothing Bundt Cakes Franchise

Nothing bundt cakes franchise cost

Started as a niche bakery concept in 1997 by Debra Shwetz and Dena TrippNothing Bundt Cakes is one of the successful, rapidly growing, uniquely handcrafted, and quality bakery brands that predominantly serves a range of bundt cakes.

With over 430 bakeries nationwide, Nothing bundt cakes have established itself as the USA’s favorite bakery parlor by using the finest ingredients, handcrafted recipes, and imaginative decorations.

The franchise specialty in providing an incomparable and delectable tasty cakes leaves a lasting impression both on presentation and taste. Nevertheless, by offering its entire range of luxury and delicious products at competitive prices have given edge over its competitors.

Nothing’s also grant a unique experience to their franchisees with its positive work environment and family friendly work schedules. It will undoubtedly assist potential new franchisees in entering and succeeding in the fiercely competitive industry.

Please continue reading if you are passionate about Nothing Bundt cakes franchises & this little snippet about the Nothing bundt chain excites you.

We will offer comprehensive and well-researched information regarding the Nothing bundt cakes chain, along with its price, fees, profit margin, and—most importantly—the reason “Why” you need it.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes – The Journey

In order to become a leader in the sector, Nothing bundt cakes chain provided consumers with top-of-the-line services and products, expanded its outlets to matchable formats, products, and established itself through a franchise-centric mix of company-owned and franchised stores.

The journey of starting its first Nothing bundt cakes outlet in Las Vegas in 1997 to serve a wider range of flavored, affordable, delectable tasty cakes to making a robust franchise chain of more than 430 outlets across multiple US cities and Canada is really inspiring.

Key facts of Nothing Bundt Cakes

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameNothing bundt cakes
4FoundersDebra Shwetz and Dena Tripp
5Headquarters4560 Belt Line, #201, Addison,
TX 75001, USA
6Number of locationsOver 430 locations
7Area servedOver 40 plus US states,
and Canada
8Franchise modelFOFO
9Flavor offeringRange of cakes flavor

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Reasons to Own a Nothing Bundt cakes Franchise

Now the question arises, why should someone prefer to open a Nothing bundt cakes outlets over any other chains such as Dixie Cream Donuts, Shake shackJollibeeThe CounterWhite Castle, and Panda express? Well, No worries!.

There could be multiple reasons to start a bundt cakes outlet, but we have highlighted a few prominent features supporting the ownership of this franchise.

  1. Handcrafted and finest ingredients:
    • The Nothing bundt cakes chain prepares an entire range of cakes products using finest ingredients, handcrafted recipes and imaginative decorations, that helps you deliver the best-in-class services and products to consumers.
  2. Robust franchise network:
    • The chain has a robust network of franchise outlets that makes its product available across several US cities, helping them to garner an enormous loyal customer base.
  3. Proper channel system:
    • Its expertise over 20+ years will enable them and its unit holder to understand the local customer behavior and their liking, enabling them to customize its menu accordingly.
  4. Brand Awareness:
    • Nothing bundt cakes franchise has been featured in various media platforms such as Entrepreneur, allowing you to get a feel for operating a highly trusted brand that can give you an edge over competitors.
  5. No prior restaurant/baking experience:
    • The franchise doesn’t need any prior restaurant/ baking experience to own it. However, if you have an experience, it will be add-on for you.
  6. Awards and recognition:
    • Nothing bundt cakes franchise has been featured and awarded at several stages. Some of their renowned awards are;
Nothing Bundt cakes awards and recognition

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How much does a Nothing Bundt cakes Franchise Cost?

To start a Nothing bundt cakes franchise, one would at least require an initial investment of $483,600 to $699,700. Furthermore, Before choosing a Nothing bundt outlet location, one must conduct market research and understand its growth prospects.

Nothing Bundt cakes Franchise Fee

The franchise fee for the Nothing bundt cakes is estimated to be around $35,000. Furthermore, to qualify financially, franchise candidates and their partners/investors must have a combined liquid capital of at least $250K and a combined net worth of at least $750K.

Additional Cost for Nothing Bundt cakes

Typically, to run and maintain a Nothing Bundt cakes Franchised outlet, one must adhere to their standards and are liable to pay a few additional costs such as Royalty fee, advertisement fee, maintenance fee, and a few other investments.

The on-going royalty fee for Nothing Bundt cakes franchise is around 6% and marketing fee: 5% which will be collected on a weekly basis.

Type of ExpenditureLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$35,000$35,000
Extension Fee$0$10,000
Rent and Security Deposit$6,500$8,500
Bakery Improvements$175,000$228,000
Architect – Design$9,800$12,500
Fixtures and Equipment – Front of Bakery$30,000$40,000
Fixtures and Equipment – Back of Bakery$110,000$125,000
Exterior Signage$8,000$12,000
Initial Inventory20,100$23,800
Point of Sale System and Technology Fee$20,587—-
Professional Fees$3,900$11,200
Opening Advertising Program$6,000$8,000
Training Expenses$5,000$8,000
Additional Funds – 3 months$30,000$50,000
Total Estimated Initial Investment$483,600$699,700

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Are Nothing Bundt cakes Franchises profitable?

Are nothing bundt cakes franchise profitable?

Considering the bakery industry growth potential, services offering, and nothing bundt brand value and its presence across several US cities may prove beneficial to its franchisees. However, the profitability of any outlet may depend on outlet’s geographical location and yours leadership skills and capabilities.

Furthermore, if you have chosen the right location and ticked all the checkpoints, then one may anticipate to make a gross profit margin of 40-45% and a net profit margin of 15-18%.

The above mentioned numbers are subjected to market condition, city, and average footfall of customer at the outlet.

Requirement to become a Nothing Bundt cakes franchisee

As mentioned earlier in this post, the chains doesn’t require prior bakery/restaurant expertise or experience to own this outlet. However, there are certain condition that the franchisee to meet to be an approved Nothing bundt cakes outlet holders;

  • One should possess the ability to lead the team while maintaining and following the franchise’s guidelines.
  • Franchisee unit holder must meet the financial capabilities proposed by the chain.
  • Interested prospects should have strong believe in the Nothing bundt cakes products.
  • One should possess the history of successfully managing the business.
  • Interested applicant should have passion to work in the bakery industry and have strong passion to serve and delight customer.

How to Open a Nothing Bundt cakes Franchise

Getting a Nothing bundt cakes franchise requires a relatively low investment and in return offers an impressive profit. Nevertheless, Nothing Bundt cakes chain may offer several benefits, and interested candidates can take up franchise outlet locally or in Canada.

To get a Nothing Bundt cakes bakery franchise, please visit their official website and fill in the required details in franchise form.

Fill in the personal and location details such as Name, Email, Home Phone number, country, outlet’s geography, liquidity capacity, and other details.

Once you submit the necessary details, the NbC franchise team will review your application and contact you based on their location feasibility.

Need help from us? — Do fill out a Get a Franchise form.


Considering its development potential, unique marketing strategies, proven business model, brand recognition & awareness, and more than 20 years of experience in this sector, opening a NbC outlet will prove profitable to the interested aspirants.

Furthermore, Nothing bundt cakes chain is also seeking qualified applicants for multi-unit operations from other parts of the US states and Canada, which will help them to expand globally and interested candidates to join in the ever-growing industry.

With an Initial investment of $483,600 to $699,700 and a franchise fee of $35,000, NbC offers an impressive profit margin to its stake holders.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!

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  1. How much does it cost to open a Nothing Bundt Cake franchise?

    Ans: To open a Nothing bundt cakes franchise, one would at least require an initial investment of $483,600 to $699,700. There are some other cost involved and a few of them are list below;

    Initial Franchise Fee: $35,000
    Bakery Improvements: $175,000
    Fixtures and Equipment: ~$125,000
    Initial Inventory: ~$23,800
    Royalty Fee: 6%
    Marketing Fee: 5%
    Training Expenses: $6000
    Total Initial Investment: $483,600 to $699,700

  2. How much profit does a Nothing Bundt Cakes make?

    Ans: As per latest data available over internet, one can anticipate to make at least 10-20% on an average investment value of $ 538,650.

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