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Start a Rapidly Growing Starbird Franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit

Are you an avid consumer of chicken and looking for a Food & Beverages Franchise? Starbird Franchise would end your research.

This article will assist you in understanding the Starbird franchise with its Capital and area requirements, Cost, Fee, and step-by-step guidelines to set up this innovative franchise in your area.

Food & Beverages is one of the industries that may not be affected by inflation in comparison with other industries. A variety of affordable, on-the-go snacks, ready meals, cold cuts, and convenient quick-service foods have led to an exponential growth of the QSR industry.

To Inspire excellence in the relentless pursuit of deliciousness

Starbird’s Mission

To Re-imagine fast-food by challenging ourselves to set new industry conventions

Starbird’s Vision
Chicken Piece

Area Requirements: 2000-2400 Sq. ft.(Preferably Street Side)

Franchise Fee: USD 40000

Net Worth : USD 3M

Liquid Assets: USD 1M

Royalty Fee: 5% of Total Revenue

Total Investment: USD 1.1M – 1.6M

One Such successful Food and Beverages chain in the US is Starbird, also known for offering premium quality chicken menu items. Another rapidly growing Juice chain Jamba Franchise is worth reading.

As per Fortune Business Insight report, the global fast food market will grow from USD 972.74 billion in 2021 to USD 1,467.04 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 6.05%.

The Starbird Franchise is an American Company popularly known for a premier innovation agency in Food & Beverage, mainly serves Tender Boxes, House-made Sauces, Salads, Sandwiches, Tacos, Wings and a range of drinks.

The journey from opening a single outlet in 2016 to serve super premium Chicken and Fast food products to making more than USD 444k EBIDTA( Franchise Imputed Store level) across the country is mesmerizing.

Starbird Interior Outlet

Please continue reading if you are super interested in operating a premium restaurant with a strong emphasis on quality and food purity. With a wide range of availability in territories, Starbird can pump up your franchise portfolio.

Overview of Starbird Franchise

Starbird is one of the renowned Chicken franchise in US, established by Aaron Noveshen and The Culinary Edge, a premier innovation agency in Food & Beverage Star in 2016. They have a presence across California with a plan for expansion in more than nine regions in the US.

The Starbird is known for creating a Super Premium Fast Food category with no use of antibiotics ever and a broad range of chicken products made with quality ingredients at a reasonable price.

The Franchise caters a range of chicken products with a few delicious fast food item, below are items offered at the Starbird outlets,

  • Tender Boxes
  • House-Made Sauces
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Tacos
  • Wings
  • Boneless Wings
  • Packages and Platters
  • Sides
  • Drinks
  • Treats
  • Kids’ Menu
Starbird Fast food

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Why to Own a Starbird Franchise?

Owning a Starbird franchise would open the door to success in quick-service restaurants. As a result of its seasoned operations, marketing, technology, culinary expertise, and commitment to providing high-quality food for its customers, Starbird has built a significant brand in just six years.

  • Starbird Franchise operates in a highly competitive segment of QSR Industry, but has gained a significant market share in California due to its super premium fast food category with a broad range of chicken products.
  • Starbird has developed itself as a Technology leader in the segment. A built-in integrated digital platform has been the driving factor for its sales growth and easy execution, which enables a hassle-free experience for its new consumers at its outlet.
  • One of the leading Culinary Consulting firms – The Culinary Edge (TCE), supports innovative menus and local and international culinary trends to make them stay ahead in competition.
  • The qualified applicant would benefit from working with a Management Team that has demonstrated success in all management-related areas, including operations, marketing, technology, supply chain, and others.
  • Through its super-premium foods and other loyalty programs, the franchise has been able to draw in and keep customers, which helps them produce an exceptional profit.
Starbird Franchise opportunities

Above are a few listed reasons to start a premium chicken franchise. For more details, you can visit their official website.

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How much does Starbird Franchise Cost?

The QSR sector is one of the fastest-growing in the world, with the US taking the lead. In addition to the franchise fee, there are additional costs associated with opening a franchise. One must thoroughly comprehend the franchise concept and business plan.

The Omni-Channel approach has been the driving factor for the rapid expansion of the franchise. This approach includes proprietary web/app pickup and delivery, integrated third party delivery, in-store kiosk ordering and 4 virtual brands.


Integrated loyalty ordering via our mobile app and website.


Dine-in ordering available at our kiosk stations or with a cashier.


Catering pickup and delivery available through web/app ordering.


DoorDash, UberEats and other 3PD partners are integrated through our POS system, eliminating the need for tablets.

Below are the cost involved in setting up a Starbird Franchise

EssentialsAmount and other details
Franchise FeeFirst location costs $40,000;
subsequent locations cost $30,000,
with a $15,000 deposit necessary at signing for each additional location.
Area Requirements2,000 to 2,400 sq ft. (Preferably street side)
Net WorthUSD 3Million
Liquid AssetsUSD 1Million
Royalty Fee5% of Total Revenue
Brand Development Fund0.5%
National Digital Media Fund1.5%
Local Store Marketing1%
Total InvestmentUSD 1.1M – 1.6M

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Starbird Franchise Requirements

As per its official website, Starbird is a people-first organization looking for super-premium restaurant operators, who possess a tailored focus on quality, food integrity, and the same mentality.

  • One must have experience in operating multi-unit restaurants and should be people-oriented for their business.
  • As per the franchise, the Unit holder must meet the financial criteria i.e. (Collective Net worth of at least $3M/$1M Liquid Assets) for opening a franchise and be ready to take the financial risk to start a business.
  • Interested applicants must be passionate about building and opening a five franchise outlet for at least three years.
  • The owner is expected to actively participate in daily operations and adhere to the obligations stated in the franchise agreement.
  • One must be a fan of Chicken as this franchise is entirely committed to offering premium chicken and other fast food items.

Site Requirements

  • Minimum Frontage of 40 feet
  • 2000-2200 sq. ft for traditional concept
  • Free standing, End-cap, Inline Location preferred
  • 10-15 parking spaces with 4 dedicated carry-out
  • Large daytime population within 1 mile

Starbird Franchise Support

The franchise is known for offering best-in-class support in marketing, operations, training, technology, purchasing and culinary support. The franchise team will support at every step from real estate and construction to training and marketing.

Starbird Franchise Support

The above image is self-explanatory. For more details please visit website.

Starbird Franchise Profit

With the help of an Omni-channel strategy, strong marketing, premium products, and an experienced team, Starbird is expanding its units from California to other States of the US. As per the company, its AUV is $3.6MM, with Sales of $1750 per sq. ft.

One can anticipate a Sales to investment ratio of 2.3-3.2. Generally, the QSR industry generates a profit margin of 8-10 percent (Depending on location).

How to Apply for Starbird Franchise

As you are ready to take up this franchise, you need to visit its official website. The highlighted link will take you to the Contact Us page, where you may fill out the form by entering your name, email address, phone number, city, state, current net worth, and other requested information.

For any questions about the application or program, feel free to email them at franchise@starbirdchicken.com or call them directly at 866-327-4779.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising 🙂


Friends, I sincerely believe that my guide on “Starting a Starbird Franchise” was helpful and educational, but if you’d need more details, you can check out the franchise’s official website. If you like this piece, kindly let me know by leaving a comment and spreading the word to as many of your friends as you can; Your comments offer us more inspiration to keep producing high-quality material for you. Many thanks.

Reference Doc: Click here

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  1. What is the Cost required for Starting a Starbird Franchise?

    As per the franchise, one must meet the financial requirements for Starting a Starbird franchise. Below are a few cost detailed involved in this business.

    Franchise Fee: USD 40000
    Net Worth : USD 3M
    Liquid Assets: USD 1M
    Royalty Fee: 5% of Total Revenue
    Total Investment: USD 1.1M – 1.6M

  2. How long does it take to complete Starbird Franchise application process?

    The complete franchise process includes franchise application(Background & Site Verification), Interview, Introductory call, FDD Review, Validation and Due diligence process, Discovery day, Approval and followed by Signing a area development agreement.

    This entire process is time consuming and it will take around 30-60 days for complete process.

  3. How much does a Starbird Franchise owners make?

    To answer this question one must understand the Starbird business model and its offering completely. As the company caters super premium chicken menus supported by one of the renowned Culinary Consulting firms, One can anticipate a good profit margin. For more details, please read the complete article.

  4. How much does a Starbird franchise cost?

    As per the official website, currently franchise is looking for building and opening a five franchise outlet for at least three years. The Total Investment required is around USD 1.1M – 1.6M.

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