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Start a #1 Fastest Growing Teriyaki Madness Franchise – (Cost + Fee)

Are you a regular visitor of Teriyaki shop and looking for a franchise? Teriyaki Madness franchise would end your research.

The article will assist you in comprehending the Teriyaki Madness franchise model with complete information on cost requirement, fee and step-by-step guidelines to setup this franchise in your city.

Teriyaki Madness Outlet

Site Requirements: 1200-1600 Sq. ft.( Preferably on busy street)

Franchise Fee: $45,000 (1 Shop)

Royalty Fee: 6% net sales

Marketing Fee: 3% net sales

Yearly Sales: AUV $1,161,201

Total Initial Investment: $346,400–$768,760

Teriyaki Madness franchise is known for offering best class fast casual teriyaki experience to its consumers.

– Teriyaki Madness

The term fast casual describes a restaurant between a quick serve and a casual dining experience. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the restaurant industry.

The fast food segment is rapidly growing because consumers love the concept. It fits the need to eat on the run while offering healthy options. The food is fresher, higher quality, and more customizable than fast food. Consumers are saying bye-bye to boil-in-the-bag and hello to made-to-order and are fine paying extra for higher quality, fresher food.

The Japanese name “TERIYAKI” is made up of two words: “Tare,” which describes the soy sauce, mirin, and other spice glazes, and “Yaki,” which describes the particular grilling or broiling technique. It is delicious, no matter how you spell it.

The fast casual sector in the restaurant industry shows amazing numbers in the past few years, plus it is expected to continue to perform above average!

Check out the stats on the fast casual restaurant segment:

  • Increasing 550% since 1999, ten times the growth in the fast food industry.
  • Six year compound annual growth rate of 10.6% (2021-2027).
  • Global Fast Casual restaurant market is expected to climb 66.5% from 2019 to 2027.
Teriyaki Madness Franchise

The Teriyaki Madness Franchise is an fastest growing fast casual restaurant chain in America popularly known for offering oversized portions of marinated grilled chicken, beef or tofu and rice or fresh cut veggies wok-tossed in our house-made sauces to create authentic Asian bowls heaping with fresh, healthy ingredients.

The journey from opening a single outlet in 2003 in Las Vegas and in 2012 after proving the business model with 3 franchisees and 7 open shops to serve quality, fresh, healthy, and flavorful Asian food to operating in more than 29 states and 110 open shops across the country is mesmerizing.

Please continue reading if you are super interested in operating a rapidly growing fast casual restaurant with a strong emphasis on providing customizable and fresh food. With a wide range of availability in territories, teriyaki madness can pump up your franchise portfolio.

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Overview of Teriyaki Madness Franchise

Brought in 2003 in Las Vegas by its Founders Rod Arreola, Alan Arreola, and Eric Garma, Teriyaki Madness or TMAD is renowned fast causal restaurant chain known for offering customized food(fresh all-natural chicken, fresh cut veggies, homemade, gluten free sauces). They have a presence in with more than 29 states and 110 shops across the country.

Teriyaki Madness franchise caters multiple quality dishes under its umbrella,

  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Salmon Teriyaki
  • Spicy Tofu Teriyaki
  • Chicken Katsu
  • Yakisoba Style
  • Egg roll
  • Chicken Pot stickers
  • Varieties of Rice
  • Noodles
  • Sauces
Teriyaki Madness Franchise Menu

Why to Own a Teriyaki Madness Franchise

Being in this industry for a longer period offers numerous benefits to the franchisee owner. Below are the few key reason to start this franchise in your city,

  • The franchise has been awarded and ranked by various prominent media and franchise houses, encouraging the unit holder to entice new customers and drive the business for the long term.
Own a Teriyaki Madness Franchise
  • Customers are willing to spend a little extra for the variety of freshly prepared foods that the franchise offers, which helps the business earn impressive profits.
  • Due to its in-house cooking, Teriyaki Madness offers one of the freshest and most authentic restaurant concepts available.
Teriyaki Madness Menu
  • In the past few years, fast casual has shown tremendous growth, such as 550% growth since 1999, 10.6% growth in 2021-2027, and 66.5% growth from 2019 to 2027.
  • Teriyaki Madness is rising to the top by providing exceptional service molded around the rising trend of the new health-conscious generation.
  • Constant digital campaigning and expansion of teriyaki madness rewards loyalty programs are embracing its consumers, which supports its efforts to increase its customer base.
  • The aggressive global market expansion would create a tremendous chance for franchisee owners to own a Teriyaki madness franchise close to home.
  • Each Teriyaki Shop has a dedicated representative who ensures the right and timely products are delivered at the right price, allowing a worry-free experience for its consumers.
  • The franchise is associated with a few national vendors such as Pepsi, Sysco, Cintas, Miniat, WFF, Illes, EcoLab.

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How much is Teriyaki Madness Franchise Cost?

The cost to own any franchise will depend on the chosen location and the concept. Setting up a franchise involve Real estate, Construction, Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Operations.

When it comes to real estate, Teriyaki Madness is uniquely flexible. From strip malls to power centers, from urban to small towns, and from new build to retrofit, Teriyaki Madness can be adapted to a wide variety of real estate.

When you work with the Teriyaki Madness Real Estate Team, you get the experience and guidance of a local broker, access to industry-leading site selection technology, and proven real estate metrics to achieve confident results.

Below are the cost involved in setting up this franchise,

EssentialsAmount and other details
Site Requirements1,200 to 1,600 square feet
( Preferably at busy street)
Franchise Fee$150,000 (5 Shops),
$99,000 (3 Shops),
$45,000 (1 Shop)
Royalty Fee6% net sales
Marketing Fee3% net sales
Total Initial Investment$346,400–$768,760

Location analytics technology aids the Real Estate Team with site selection to help determine if customers are near your location using data from current customers to discover where potential customers are in regards to households in proximity, drive time, and more.

With plenty of room available for its expansion would create interested applicants to grab this opportunity to start your TMAD in your hometown.

Teriyaki Madness Franchise opportunity

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Teriyaki Madness Franchise Profit

TMAD Franchise has been growing and expanding organically and inorganically, Thanks to its varieties of serving, fresh and addictive flavors of food, and exceptional customer service.

This enables the business to garner an impressive profit margin, one can expect a gross profit of more than 50% and the final profit(Operating Income) of around 12-18%.

Sample Profit and loss report,

Teriyaki Madness Franchise Profit

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Teriyaki Madness Franchise Future Growth

In 2022, the budding brand TMAD plans to develop more than 40 Teriyaki Shops. In the next ten years, CEO Michael Haith wants 1000 locations to be operational.

There is plenty of space for you to launch your TMAD and spread the Madness because the earth is so vast. They operate in over 29 states, as well as Mexico and Canada.

Teriyaki Madness Franchise Review

Teriyaki Madness Franchise Reviews

How to Start a Teriyaki Madness Franchise?

Before owning a franchise, one must do the proper research and market analysis. This would enable them to comprehend the future growth prospects of the franchise.

Below are the step involved in opening a shop,

  • Real Estate: The franchise Team will help you find the best location by teaming
    you with proven local brokers who know the area best!
  • Construction: They will help you find the right General Contractor for the job to get your TMAD open as quickly and affordably as possible.
  • Finance: TMAD offers the tools to help you run your company and benchmark with their proprietary finance dashboard.
  • Supply Chain: The Team will help in set you up with their national vending partners like Sysco and Pepsi.
  • Marketing: TMAD will coach you on spreading TMAD to your community. From Grand Opening and Local Marketing to Social Media and more!
  • Operations(Training & Support)
    • Initial Training: 4 Days
    • Hands-On Training (HOT): 10 Days during the construction phase
    • Grand Opening Training: Occurs approx. 8-14 days before and around opening
    • Ongoing Support: Business Coaches provide continual support for your open shop!!

If you are super interested in this franchise and ready to own it, then lets understand the process to own this franchise.

  • To apply for the franchise, one should visit the official website to initiate the entire franchising process.
  • Fill up the required details like Name, State, Pin code, E-Mail ID, Phone Number and submit the form. if you have opted for a scheduled call then somebody from the franchise team would reach to you within 24 hrs.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising🙂


Friends, I sincerely believe that my guide on “Start a Teriyaki Madness Franchise” was helpful and educational, but if you’d need more details, you can check out the franchise’s official website. If you like this piece, kindly let me know by leaving a comment and spreading the word to as many of your friends as you can; Your comments offer us more inspiration to keep producing high-quality material for you. Many thanks.

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  1. What is the Cost required for Own a Teriyaki Madness Franchise?

    Below are the cost required to start a teriyaki madness franchise,

    Franchise Fee: $150,000 (5 Shops), $99,000 (3 Shops), $45,000 (1 Shop)
    Royalty Fee: 6% net sales
    Marketing Fee: 3% net sales
    Total Initial Investment: $346,400–$768,760

  2. How long does it take to complete Teriyaki Madness Franchise application process?

    The complete franchise process includes Introduction, Review and Understand FDD, Goals & Vision, Construction and Interior decor, Peer Review & Validation, Discovery Day, Executive Interview, Signing the agreement, License and Inauguration.

    The entire process would take around 30-60 Days.

  3. How many employees do you need to run the store?

    • Total Staff: 18-22
    • Per Shift: 2-6
    • 5-6 Employee Lunch Rush

  4. How Teriyaki Madness Franchise is unique from other competitors?

    The Yearly Sales: average is $1,161,201
    The Stacked same shop sales growth: 32% 2021 vs. 2019
    The Business Model: simple and scalable
    The food: as hearty and delicious as it is healthy
    The Real Estate: small footprint, think strip malls
    Rapidly growing territories: 110+ shops open!

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