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How to Get a Dpd Franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit

Are you looking for a renowned courier and parcel delivery franchise? Does the growth prospects of delivery industry excite you to become a part of popular logistics chain? Do you own a local delivery chain but aren’t satisfied with its margins, and seeking a profitable venture?

If you have answered “yes,” then you may be curios to understand more about a DPD delivery company that has created a wave in logistics industry with its seamless and trusted systems.

In this blog, we’ll cover a detailed article on the Dpd Franchise with its capital required, cost, profitand step-by-step guidelines to get this franchise – and answer some common questions about the chain.

Dpd Franchise Opportunities
  • Brand: DPD Delivery
  • Founded: 1999
  • Key People: Yves Delmas(CEO)
  • Industry: Delivery & Courier
  • Model: Franchise
  • Revenue: € 11 Billion in 2020
  • No. of outlet: 100+
  • Area served: Worldwide
  • Initial Investment: £600 – £ 2,300

Overview of DPD Franchise

Overview of DPD Franchise

DPPgroup or Dynamic Parcel Distribution is one of the leading and rapidly growing courier and parcel delivery companies in Europe, which is controlled by La Poste, the international delivery network operated by the French state-owned postal service. The chain has strong presence in the United Kingdom, and other neighboring countries as well.

DPD offers a wide range of delivery and logistics services, including next-day and same-day delivery options, international delivery, and delivery to both residential and commercial addresses.

Currently, DPD employs over 11000 peoples and with over 8000 vehicle, the franchise had posted a staggering revenue of € 11 Billion in 2020 and claims to deliver over 250 million parcels annually.

With its wider location reach, access to leading technology, infrastructure, and resources has allowed DPD to acquire a significant market share and build a strong brand portfolio. Today, DPD delivers parcels to most countries across the Europe and as a franchisee, you’ll have access to its real-time online tracking.

Key Facts on DPD

Sr No.TypeLimited
1Trade NameDPD, Dynamic Parcel Distribution
2IndustryDelivery and Logistics
4Founders Or Parent CompanyLa Poste S.A.
5Corporate HeadquartersIssy-les-Moulineaux, France
6Number of locationsOver 100 Depots
7Area servedWorldwide
9Service offeringVariety of delivery services
10Revenue€ 11 Billion in 2020

Why Consider Owning a DPD Franchise?

Owning a Dpd Franchise

There are several reason for partnering with a DPD delivery house, and some of them are listed down for reference;

  1. Access to Industry-leading technology:
    • As a Franchisee, you’ll be able to leverage the brand’s advanced and innovative delivery solutions. It can certainly help you provide efficient and reliable delivery services to customers.
  2. Reputed brand name:
    • Indeed, DPD is one of the well-established and renowned brand in courier and parcel delivery industry, and it can undoubtedly help new franchisee to position itself as a trusted courier firm.
  3. Growing demand:
    • With the enormous rise in delivery service, e-commerce platform, and window shopping, one can certainly get benefit from this trend and tap into a growing market.
  4. Comprehensive training and support:
    • The franchise provides a extensive training and support program to its franchisees, allowing them to build and grow their businesses at rapid pace.
    • Some of the prominent tactics, includes marketing & ad support, operation support, and many more.
  5. Be Your OWN Boss:
    • DPD has developed a proven business model and with its franchise, one can certain become their own boss and run its business accordingly.

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How Much Does a DPD Franchise Cost?

DPD Franchise Cost

The total initial cost for DPD Delivery franchise will depend on several factors, including chosen franchise model, selected routes, and proposed geographical locations.

Usually, DPD offers a two kind of franchise model to its interested applicants, and they are listed below;


Nevertheless, to start a DPD Franchise, one should at least require an initial investment of £600 – £ 2,300 with a valid UK driver’s license, national insurance number, and valid UK Passport/ Proof of Right to Work..

How Much Does a DPD Franchise Owner Make?

DPD Franchise Profit

The income potential for a DPD delivery franchise owner may vary depending on the several factors, including the route, location, and size of the business, and the level of competition in the market.

According to Industry standards, a well-operated DPD courier and parcel delivery franchise can anticipate an annual revenues of between £180,000 and £300,000 or more. If you are interested in profitability, a franchise owner can expect to earn a net profit of between 5-10% of total revenues.

The end profit margin may vary as there will be several overhead costs associated with it, such as employee salary, vehicle maintenance, and insurance.

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What Vehicles Will a DPD Franchisee Drive?

As an approved franchise owner with a valid UK Licence for 12 months, you may get a variety in vehicle selection and also benefit from the latest electric innovations. You’ll be also having a liberty to use your own van and the franchise will pay for the livery.

The option available in vehicle includes, Nissan, Maxus, and Ford.

What are the support offered by DPD to its franchise owner?

  1. DPD offers a paid training classroom program and on the road training whilst still earning.
  2. The franchise will pay for the livery and installation if you use your own vehicle.
  3. Fuel support programmes include: fuel cards; on-site electric charging; a contribution of up to £350 towards the installation of a home charger; and fuel supplement payments.
  4. The team provides a relationship manager to help with any operational queries.
  5. There will be a tremendous growth opportunities throughout the year. The more you delivery, better the earning will be.

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What does it require to Start a DPD Franchise?

To own a franchise, you might have to meet the certain requirements. However, we have enlisted a few major DPD Delivery franchise requirements for your reference;

  1. First and most important – One should be financially well-qualified and have good credit to start a DPD location, and should be ready to invest minimum £600 – £ 2,300.
  2. Interested applicants are advised to dedicate themselves to the DPD business and follow the company standards and maintain their legacy.
  3. Interested applicants must undergo and complete the necessary training program offered by the DPDgroup’s team.
  4. Applicant should be hard-working and dedicated to being heavily involved during the early stages of their new venture with DPDgroup.
  5. Interested franchisees should have passion to work in the Delivery and Courier industry and should possess the leadership and financial skills to operate as DPD owner.
  6. A few more compulsory requirements are;
    • UK Passport / Proof of Right to Work
    • Driving Licence
    • National Insurance Card
    • Disclosure Receipt

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How to Apply for a DPD Franchise?

To become an approved DPD Delivery owner may require a relatively low investment that may offers an impressive gross profit margin. Additionally, the DPD chain may provide several benefits, and interested candidates can take up franchise outlets in their city through their expertise and endless support systems.

One can avail this franchise using below mentioned steps;

  1. Visit their official website and fill in the required form by navigating to franchising section.
    • Fill in the details, such as Name, Email ID, Phone Number, City and other necessary information.

Final Takeaway – Summary

DPD is one of the renowned and rapidly growing courier and delivery franchises that specializes in offering services, such as next-day and same-day delivery options, international delivery, and many more.

The franchise offers a two-kind of franchise model, including Owner driver franchise and Owner driver worker. To become an approved DPD delivery owner may require a low investment and can in turn offer a hefty profit margin.

The Bottom Line – Overall, The DPD Franchise offers entrepreneurs and business owners a unique and exciting opportunity in delivery industry, and with its growing and dynamic industry demand, it may also lead to making a positive impact on their life.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start your entrepreneurial journey with DPD!!

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!

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  1. How much does it cost to Start a DPD delivery franchise?

    Ans: A minimum investment required to setup a DPD route franchise may cost approximately £600 – £ 2,300.

  2. Is DPD Franchise Profitable?

    Ans: Of course, yes. Considering the industry growth prospects, backing from renowned chain, low setup cost, and wide coverage area may help new franchisee owner to anticipate a profit margin of 5-10%.

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