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How to Start a Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit

Are you looking for a Smoothie Cafe franchise? Do you want to be a part of fastest growing smoothie franchise? Then, There is some GOOD News for you! This article will be your final destination to get started with this business – Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the Tropical Smoothie Cafe business with capital requirements, fee, profit, and step-by-step guidelines to get this franchise – and answer some common questions about the chain.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise opportunities
  • Franchise Fee: $30,000
  • Royalty Fee: 6%
  • Ad royalty Fee: up to 6%
  • Floor area: Min. 1200-1500 sq feet
  • Net worth: $350,000
  • Available liquidity: $125,000
  • Agreement period: 15 years, Renewable
  • Veteran Incentives: Yes
  • Total Initial Investment: $277,000 – $584,000

Overview of Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise

Overview of Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise

Founded in 1997 by Eric & Delora Jenrich and David Walker in Destin, FL, Tropical Smoothie Cafe or TSC is one of the fastest-growing and renowned fast-casual restaurant chains that offer a range of healthy food and drink options.

Some of their lip-smacking menus include a range of smoothies, flatbreads, sandwiches, salads, and bowls, all made with fresh ingredients and inspired by tropical flavors.

Since its inception, the chain has grown to over 1150 locations across the United States and abroad.

With its sheer passion and bold mission for its commitment to offering nutritious and delicious menu options, as well as for its upbeat and fun atmosphere, the chain has built a strong reputation as a leader in the health food industry and a known name among its loyal customer base.

Please continue reading if you are passionate about the F&B Industry & this little snippet about the Tropical Smoothie Cafe chain excites you.

We will offer comprehensive and well-researched information regarding the Tropical Smoothie Cafe chain, along with its price, fees, profit margin, and—most importantly—the reason “Why you need it.

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Key Facts on Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameTropical Smoothie Cafe
2IndustryFast Food Restaurants
4Founders Or Parent CompanyEric & Delora Jenrich and David Walker
5Corporate HeadquartersAtlanta, GA 30338
6Number of locationsOver 1150 outlets
7Area servedPAN US
8ModelRestaurants, Drive-thru, & Dine-In
9Menus Smoothies, flatbreads, sandwiches,
salads, and bowls
10RevenueUS$500 million (FY 2021)

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Why Consider owning a Tropical Smoothie Cafe?

Why choose a Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise

There could be several reason to choose a Tropical Smoothie Cafe and below mentioned points will undoubtedly help the interested franchise prospects to make an informed decision;

  1. Healthy Product range:
    • As mentioned earlier, the franchise offers a wide range of healthy food and smoothies that appeal to a broad customer base.
  2. Established Brand:
    • The chain has already positioned itself as a well-known and respected brand in food Industry.
    • It can increase the chances of success for franchisees.
  3. Training and Support:
    • TSC provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to its franchisees, including marketing and operational support.
  4. Rapidly Growing Industry:
    • Undoubtedly, the food and beverage industry is growing extensively, and its demand for healthy and convenient food options is increasing.
    • It will help the new outlet owner to attract new customers and retain old ones.
  5. Low Startup Cost:
    • Unlike starting an independent business from scratch, the startup cost for a Tropical Smoothie Cafe business can be lower, as many of the initial expenses such as equipment, supplies, and signage have already been taken care of by the franchise.

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How much does a Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise Cost?

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise Cost

The franchise cost for a Tropical smoothie cafe depends on several factors. The chain offers multiple models, and one can take up this franchise depending on their financial budget.

Nonetheless, to start a Tropical smoothie Cafe franchise, one would at least require an initial investment of $277,000 – $584,000. This initial investment does cover the franchise fee, marketing fee, and other necessary expenses.

What is the Tropical smoothie Cafe Franchise Fee?

The franchise fee for the Tropical smoothie cafe is $30,000. Furthermore, to qualify financially, franchise candidates and their partners/investors need to have a minimum net worth of $350,000 with available liquidity of $125,000.

Additional Cost for Tropical smoothie cafe

Typically, to run and maintain a Tropical smoothie cafe outlet, one must adhere to their standards and are liable to pay a few additional costs such as Royalty fee, advertisement fee, maintenance fee, and a few other investments.

The ongoing royalty fee for Tropical Smoothie cafe Franchise is 6% & the ad royalty fee is 6% on gross sales.

Type of CostCost and Other details
Franchise Fee$30,000
Royalty Fee6%
Ad royalty Feeup to 6%
Floor areaMin. 1200-1500 sq feet
Net worth$350,000
Available liquidity$125,000
Agreement period15 years, Renewable
Veteran Incentives 50% off first-store franchise fee;
$5,000 off franchise fee for additional stores
Total Initial Investment$277,000 – $584,000

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Is Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise Profitable?

Is Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise Profitable?

Considering the chain’s expertise of over 25 years, healthy menu offering, a proven business model, extensive training supportbest-in-class marketing strategies, and a global presence of its outlet, one may anticipate earning an impressive profit margin.

Additionally, TSC has achieved a system wide average net revenue of $1,009,803 and its rapid growth strategy in expanding their outlet would certainly prove beneficial to its unit holders.

Moreover, one has to understand that the franchise or any business doesn’t guarantee a fix return as it depends on several factors. You need to have patience and should possess a long term goal with any business.

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What does it require to Own a Tropical Smoothie Cafe?

Are you ready to start a Tropical smoothie cafe outlet and still unclear about its requirements? Then, here are list of Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise requirements;

  • First and most important – One should have the required funding to own a TSC, that is one should be ready to invest at least $277,000 – $584,000.
  • TSC expects its franchisee owner to be capable of running the day-to-day business, with no absentee ownership.
  • Franchisees are expected to undergo a comprehensive training program that includes both classroom and on-the-job training.
  • TSC requires its franchisees to open their outlets in high-traffic areas, such as shopping centers or malls. However, the company does provide the necessary support to find one.
  • The initial term of the franchise agreement is 15 years, with the option to renew for an additional 15 years and he/she should be liable to a royalty fee of 6%.

How to Get Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise?

Becoming a Tropical Smoothie cafe outlet owner requires a moderate investment and with the help of the franchise’s proven business model & setup, one can attain success in no time.

Nevertheless, the TSC chain may offer several benefits, and interested candidates can take up franchise outlets locally and expand through their expertise and endless support systems further.

  1. To get a TSC franchise, please visit their official website and fill in the required details in the franchise form.

Please fill in the details like Name, Phone Number, Email, Experience, Address, City, State, Zip, and other required information.

2. Other way, Directly call – 770-766-5391

Official WebsiteGet Started
Franchise FormApply for Franchise

Final Takeaway

Founded in 1997TSC is one of the renowned and rapidly growing food and beverage joints that caters to a range of menus such as Smoothies, flatbreads, sandwiches,
salads, and bowls. Currently, It boasts more than 1150 franchise partners on board across US and abroad.

However, Its expertise of over 25 years, healthy menu range, flexible and proven franchise model, the network of vendors, professional training, and bulk purchasing power aids an extra advantage for the new franchisee unit holder.

With an Initial investment of $277,000 – $584,000 for TSC franchise chains, TSC may offer an outstanding profit margin to its stakeholders.

The Bottom line – In case you are interested in the Food and beverage industry and have got all the necessary things required for this chain, then Tropical Smoothie Cafe chain is for you. With its immense legacy, expertise, and robust supply chain, one may experience stable and steady growth in their entrepreneurial journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start your entrepreneurial journey with Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!

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  1. How much does it cost to franchise a Tropical Smoothie Cafe?

    Ans: The cost franchise a Tropical Smoothie cafe outlet may depend on chosen model and city. Additionally, to start a TSC outlet, one needs to have an initial investment of $277,000 – $584,000.

    Franchise Fee: $30,000
    Royalty Fee: 6%
    Ad royalty Fee: up to 6%
    Floor area: Min. 1200-1500 sq feet
    Net worth: $350,000
    Available liquidity: $125,000
    Agreement period: 15 years, Renewable
    Veteran Incentives: Yes
    Total Initial Investment: $277,000 – $584,000

  2. How much does Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise owner make?

    Ans: It certainly depends on outlet’s geographical location, average customer footfall, and many more. However, assuming their extraordinary sales figure and healthy product range, one can anticipate a healthy profit margin or anywhere between 10-15% of net profit.

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